Anne Walsh, M.A.

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Adjunct Professor

E-mail: Anne Walsh, M.A.

Office: Wayne Hall 223
Office hours: Tuesday: 3-4 PM Wednesday: 3-4 pm Thursday: 1-4 pm

Anne Walsh earned her B.A. and M.A. in Communication Studies at West Chester University. She teaches public speaking courses and places a strong focus on reducing communication apprehension. Other academic interests include medical communications. In addition to her academic experience, Ms. Walsh has extensive experience working in the private sector as a technical business specialist, from managing engineering projects for the Department of Defense, to consulting small businesses on web-based training and business solutions.

Anne is a member of the Faculty Work Group for the Office of Volunteer Services and Service Learning. She has been an invited speaker at academic events such as West Chester University's RECAP conference and the Delaware Women's Conference, speaking on web-based business communications issues and systems.

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