Matthew R. Meier, Ph.D.

Matthew Meier Headshot

Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator

E-mail: Matthew R. Meier, Ph.D.

Office: Wayne Hall 234

Office hours (Fall 19): MW 11AM-Noon, MWF 1-2PM

Phone: 610-436-6987

Matthew R. Meier holds a Ph.D. in Media & Communication from Bowling Green State University. His research is situated at the intersection/s of rhetoric, comedy, and democratic theory. He is the co-editor of Standing Up, Speaking Out: Stand-up Comedy and the Rhetoric of Social Change.  His current research projects include a new book, Citizen Stand-Up, addressesing the evolution of contemporary stand-up comedy in the United States and its role in providing equipment for democratic citizenship and an on-going exploration of the discourse of political correctness in contemporary political culture.  Dr. Meier has published and presented essays on comedians such as Stephen Colbert and Jon Oliver as well as popular culture texts including the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and The Office.   His research appears in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, the Western Journal of Communication, and the Journal of Public Deliberation among others.

Matt lives in West Chester with his family.  Outside of the office, he enjoys playing the guitar, close-up magic, and cooking. He is also an avid sports fan who still can't believe that the Cubs finally won the World Series (but wouldn't mind seeing another one).

Courses taught:

SPK 208: Public Speaking

COM 211: Communication Literacy & Inquiry


COM 348: Rhetoric & Popular Culture

HON 452: Political Humor and Presidential Campaigns

COM 499: Rhetoric & Persuasion

COM 505: Rhetoric & Leadership

COM 510: Culture, Media, and Representation

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