The Team

iCamp takes pride in its passionate, experienced, and attentive team. This Academy success, is anchored by the hardworking and strong partners and staff that makes it all possible.

Dr. Laquana Cooke

Dr. Laquana Cooke is an Assistant Professor of Digital Rhetoric at WCU. She is a digital media scholar, instructor and designer whose work has been exhibited and presented at national conferences and game expositions. She has over 10 years of experience in developing and facilitating media and STEAM-based programs for nonprofits, secondary, and higher education sectors. In addition to directing iCAMP, Dr. Cooke serves as one of the project’s media experts on game design and development

Dr. Michael Burns

Dr. Michael Burns is an Assistant Professor of English with a specialization in Composition/Rhetoric and African American Rhetoric(s). Since 2015, he has served as the English Department Coordinator for the Academic Development Program. In his spare time, he edits kernel objects for his sons’ Linux machines.

Dr. Ben Kuebrich

Dr. Kuebrich is an Assistant Professor of Digital Journalism in the English department, with years of experience working with community organizations and nonprofits to use media as strategic tools to combat social inequity and economic injustice.  His work in podcasting is one area where he will work with student media creators.

Dr. Randall Cream

Brought to WCU with expertise in Digital Humanities and New Media, Cream has studied games for much of his career, designing and developing the Humanities Gaming Institute: Serious Games for Research and Pedagogy. Dr. Cream directs WCU’s Digital Humanities and New Media program and is Co-Chair of Interdisciplinary Media & Technology Group.

Dr. Andrew Famiglietti

Dr. Famiglietti is an Assistant Professor of English with a specialization in Digital Rhetoric. He is part of the development team that builds and maintains Marca a PHP based open-source platform for teaching and evaluating writing via the web. He has experience teaching web design & development. He also studies the culture and discourse of online communities, particularly those connected to the Free Software & Culture movements.

Prof. Jesse Piersol

Professor Piersol brings her expertise in filmmaking, production, writing, and networking to the project. She primarily teaches Public Speaking at WCU, and also works with local production company Something’s Awry Productions.

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