Visual and Digital Rhetoric

In the Visual and Digital Rhetoric focus area, you will critically examine and produce visual and digital texts, including films, comics, video games, social media platforms, websites, and more. Drawing on rhetorical frameworks, you will simultaneously consider how social and cultural forces shape the production, circulation, consumption, and reception of these forms of media and put your knowledge into practice by composing your own visual and digital texts.

After completing this focus, you will become both more savvy consumers of the arguments you encounter in digital and visual media throughout your lives and careers and skilled creators of persuasive media texts.


Choose four of the following courses to complete the Visual and Digital Rhetoric focus area:

  • DHM 210 (Introduction to Gaming)
  • DHM 220 (Foundations of Game Design & Development)
  • DHM 260 (Digital Storytelling)
  • DHM 280 (Introduction to Digital Humanities)          
  • ENG 320 (Usability & User Experience)
  • FLM 200 (Introduction to Film)
  • JRN 212 (Digital Journalism)
  • JRN 315 (Magazine Article Writing)
  • LIT 219 (Literature for Young Children)
  • LIT 294 (Topics in Digital Literature and Culture)
  • WRH 205 (Composing Cyberspace)    
  • WRH 320 (Writing for the Web)         
  • WRH 340 (Introduction to Visual Rhetoric)
  • WRH 341 (Visual Cultures)
  • WRH 342 (Document Design)
  • WRH 343 (Visual Rhetoric in Comics and Graphic Novels)
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