Kyle P. Vealey

Kyle P. Vealey

Associate Professor
Main Hall 530


  • Ph.D., Purdue University
  • M.A., Georgetown University
  • B.A., Providence College


  • Technical Communication
  • Rhetoric of Science
  • Visual Rhetoric
  • Comics and Graphic Novels
  • Museums and the Imagination

Selected Publications

  • Vealey, K.P. & Gerding, J.M. (2021). “Guest Editor’s Introduction: The Work of Storytelling in Technical Communication” for a Special Issue of Technical Communication, 68(4). 
  • Vealey, K.P. & Layne, A. (2018). “Of Complexity and Caution: Feminism, Object-Oriented Ontology, and the Practices of Scholarly Work.” In Rhetorical Feminist Science Studies. Amanda K. Booher and Julie Jung (Eds.). Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press.
  • Gerding, J.M. & Vealey, K.P. (2017). “When is a Solution Not a Solution? Wicked Problems, Hybrid Solutions, and the Rhetoric of Civic Entrepreneurship” Journal of Business and Technical Communication, 31(3): 290-318.
  • Vealey, K.P. & Gerding, J.M. (2017). “Rhetorical Work of Crowd-based Entrepreneurship: Lessons Learned from Teaching Crowdfunding as an Emerging Site of Professional Writing.” IEEE Tractions on Professional Communication, 59(4): 407-427.
  • Vealey, K.P. (2016). “The Shape of Problems to Come: Troubleshooting Visibility in Remote Technical Communication.” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, 46(3): 284-310.
  • Vealey, K.P. (2016). “Building Problem Forums: On Troubleshooting in the Professional Writing Classroom.” Business and Professional Communication Quarterly, 79(2): 200-206.
  • Vealey, K.P. & Hyde, C. (2015). “Extending Participatory Program Assessment to STEM Disciplines, Local Communities, and Industry Contexts: Rhetorical Work and Ethical Considerations.” Programmatic Perspectives, 7(2): 4-24.
  • Vealey, K.P. & Rivers, N.A. (2014). “Dappled Discipline at Thirty: An Interview with Janice M. Lauer.” Rhetoric Review, 34(1): 165-180.

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