What Does the English BA Look Like?

The English B.A. emphasizes your individual flexibility and choice, while also offering a strong grounding in areas foundational to English studies.

In the next few pages, you'll find information about the core courses, capstone, and other major requirements.

If you have any questions about your progress through the major, consult your advisor. Your advisor's name and contact information are available when you log into myWCU.

Establish Core Skills and Knowledge (4 Courses)

The core of our program offers our students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in our program and as sharp thinkers, problem solvers, great writers, culturally intelligent analytical readers, and first-rate researchers. All English majors complete the four core courses, usually in their first two years of study. These courses are:

  • ENG 201: Introduction to English Studies
  • ENG 202: Research Methods for English Studies Seminar
  • ENG/LIN 230: Introduction to Lingustics
  • ENG 296: Theory & Criticism for English Studies OR ENG 206: Black Critical Theory

Focus Your Studies (4 Courses)

After completing the core courses, students will select one of our nine focus areas to continue their studies. Each focus area consists of a selection of courses designed to work together to build a focused set of skills or knowledge you can apply to your career or life goals. You will choose four courses from this selection to complete your focus. Our current focus areas include:

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