History to mba pathway

So, you're interested in working in business? Why not get a degree in History! Earn your degree in History and take (6) "Pre-MBA courses." This pathway will prepare you to step into the WCU MBA program AND, you'll even have enough credits left over for a minor in one of so many other areas, depending on your goals and interests.

Why is this pathway a good idea? Because businesses LOVE History majors! As a student of history you…
  • spend a lot of time reading (comprehension, vocabulary, world content…)
  • learn to write succinctly
  • learn to listen to others' ideas
  • learn to analyze sources and situations
  • have studied societal development and change
Sample Curriculum

We can design a curriculum for you

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Famous People with History Degrees

  1. Ken Chenault (CEO American Express)
  2. Chelsea Clinton (hedge fund manager)
  3. Donna Dubinsky (CEO of Palm, Inc., developed the Personal Digital Assistant [PDA])
  4. Drew Gilpin Faust (Historian/First Female President of Harvard University)
  5. Carly Fiorina (President and CEO of Hewlett-Packard)
  6. Richard B. Fisher (chairman of Morgan Stanley)
  7. Charles L. Hill (CEO Veritas et Lux, president Boston Society of Security  Analysts)
  8. Chris Hughes (Co-founder of Facebook)
  9. Lee Iacocca (Industrialist/Former CEO of Chrysler/Author)
  10. Martha R. Ingram (Businesswoman)
  11. Robert Johnson (CEO of BET TV)
  12. James Kilts (CEO of the Gillette Corporation)
  13. A.G. Lafley (former Proctor and Gamble CEO)
  14. Michael Moritz (Venture Capitalist and former Journalist)
  15. Brian Moynihan (CEO Bank of America)
  16. Clemson Smith Muñiz (founder/president Smith Muñiz Productions, Spanish-language sports media company)
  17. Sam Palmisano (CEO of IBM Corporation)
  18. Jim Rogers (founder of the Quantum Fund, creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index)
  19. Charles Sennott (co-founder and vice-president of Global News
  20. Ben Silverman (co-chairman of NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio)
  21. Martha Stewart (Businesswoman/Author)
  22. Howard Stringer (chairman and CEO of the SONY Corporation)
  23. Joe Torsella (former president/CEO National Constitutional Center Philadelphia and PA State Treasurer 2017-2021)
  24. Meredith Whitney (Businesswoman)
  25. W.E.B. DuBois (Co-founder of the NAACP)
  26. Charles Kuralt (Author/Former CBS Reporter)
  27. Charlie Rose (Journalist/TV Talk Show Host)
  28. Wolf Blitzer (Journalist/Author/CNN Reporter)
  29. Bill O'Reilly (TV Personality/Author)
  30. Henry Kissinger (Ambassador/Secretary of State)
  31. Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister)
  32. George McGovern (Senator/Author/Historian)
  33. Gordon Brown (Prime Minister of Great Britain)
  34. Cory Booker (Senator)
  35. Elena Kagan (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)
  36. Eric Holder (Former Attorney General of the United States)
  37. Anthony Kennedy (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)
  38. Sonia Sotomayor (Supreme Court Justice)
  39. Neal Katyal (Lawyer/Professor)


Questions? Contact Dr. Brenda Gaydosh at BGaydosh@wcupa.edu