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Brooke Feldman, BSW graduate (Class of 2016) published this article entitled, Why I am Out of the Closet About My Recovery on HuffPost Impact

Jodi Savits, a BSW graduate (Class of 2017) was awarded the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Voice Award.

Noni-Ife Taylor, BSW graduate (Class of 2019) published this article entitled, Black Seniors at the End of Life.

The Undergraduate Social Work Program was founded in 1970 and is located in the College of Education and Social Work. Our Philadelphia BSW program was launched in the fall of 2014. The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and continuously seeks to maintain the high standards required to remain accredited. Social work majors are prepared as entry-level generalist social workers upon graduation with a Bachelor's degree from West Chester University. The program seeks to teach students to work with all types of clients, viewing differences as strengths.

As you look around you will find a unique program that strives to graduate individuals who are highly regarded by the social service community and are sought to fill the social work labor force needs in our metropolitan, suburban, and rural areas. Our mission is as follows: "To develop the knowledge, values, and skills in students to enable them to function effectively as beginning generalist social workers, to prepare students for graduate social work education, to enhance knowledge of the social welfare needs of a complex urban/rural environment, and to promote ethical thinking, life-long learning, and self-evaluation".

Nearly all information about the program can be found on the website. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. If you have any questions please contact the Chair of the Undergraduate Social Work Department, 

Pablo Arriaza
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Candidacy Process

Candidacy is the application process which all undergraduate Social Work students must complete in order to progress academically in their major and be admitted to a field course and site placement.  

Office of Candidate Services

Paul Whalen, M.A.
Academic Coordinator
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Please email or schedule an appointment for assistance in ensuring your successful completion of the Candidacy requirements.

Please contact the department chair, Pablo Arriaza at or at 610-436-2785 with any questions.

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