Work Study

Students interested in work study are expected to file the FAFSA each year by the WCU priority deadline of February 1st!

Application Process

  • Complete the FAFSA each year by the February 1st Priority deadline at
  • Once awarded work study new and returning students can apply for work study positions through Handshake at:
  • Students will receive notification from our office regarding eligibility and placement. Students who do not qualify due to the fact that they do not have financial need will be sent a separate notice.
  • Students who have questions about the program should email

Hiring Process

  • The Federal Work Study Program provides part-time jobs for eligible undergraduate students and students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses.
  • West Chester University's Federal Work Study Student Employment Program is a need based federally funded program.
  • Contracts are mailed via traditional mail to eligible students over the summer. The contract contains important information regarding the student's assignment, the terms of employment, and paperwork required.
  • Contact your supervisor to introduce yourself and familiarize yourself with the department's functions.
  • Return your contract by the stated deadline to secure the position.
  • Complete all payroll documents in person at the Payroll Office as soon as possible.
  • Note: *Each year we have more students apply than the number of jobs available. Students who are not placed in a position initially will be notified that they have been placed on the waitlist. Students who are not placed within the fall term but would like to remain on the waitlist for the spring will be asked to re-apply at the end of the fall term and provide additional information if needed.*
  • Students who have submitted all required documents are authorized to begin work for their term of employment.
  • Students are to report to work the first week of their scheduled assignment.
  • Students that do not report to work will be reported as a NO SHOW and the award will be cancelled.

Payment Information

Students receive direct compensation, on a biweekly basis, for the hours worked. Students are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit with the payroll office. Funds received are intended for use to meet educational related expenses.

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