Undergraduate Programs

Accelerated Option for the M.S. Geoscience Degree

Students earning a B.S. Geoscience degree from West Chester University have the option to complete the M.S. Geoscience degree during their 5th year.

Program Overview

  1. Enroll in the B.S. Geoscience "Accelerated" program your junior year. Directions on how to apply are at the bottom. You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and have earned 90 credits to be accepted.
  2. Take up to 9 credits of graduate substitution courses (a list is included in the Accelerated program advising sheets below) during your 3rd and/or 4th years. These courses will count toward your 120-credit B.S. Geoscience degree.
  3. Undergraduates pay undergraduate tuition and applicable fees for graduate substitution courses, and are bound by the undergraduate academic policies and regulations.
  4. Upon graduation, you will be enrolled into the M.S. Geoscience program (assuming good standing).
  5. In addition, the 9 credits of graduate substitution courses you took as an undergraduate will also count toward your M.S. Geoscience degree.
  6. Therefore, you will have 36 minus 9, or 27, outstanding graduate credits -- plus the final project -- to complete the forthcoming year (i.e., Year 5).

Click HERE for additional policies and information on the accelerated program.

To Enroll in the Accelerated Program

  1. In your junior year, obtain the necessary signatures on the Accelerated Bachelor to Master's Degree Program Enrollment Request Form , and submit to the Department's Graduate Coordinator.
  2. In your senior year, you will automatically receive an "Intent to Enroll in M.S. Geoscience Program." You can accept, and you're in! Or you can decline with no repercussion.