There are many ways in which you can support your student on campus.  Below are a few helpful FYI’s to help you navigate the university system and to understand how the university can assist you.  

So, how can parents help?

  • Understand that students have to do it themselves and RESPECT their choices.
  • Ask your student questions!
    • How is their psychology class going and how do they know?
    • What does the syllabus say is coming up?
    • Have they met with their advisor yet?
    • Have they scheduled courses yet?
    • What are they doing to maintain their health?
  • Remind students you can also be a resource!
  • Refer students to seek help on campus and to find resources!

High School Guidance Counselor vs. University Advisor

All new WCU students receive support from their academic advisors. However, this support is different from what high school students experience, because the advisor's job is different from that of a high school guidance counselor. Learn more from our comparison table .


West Chester University is committed to protecting the privacy of its students and to maintaining the confidentiality of student education records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). The following is West Chester University's FERPA policy which outlines how the University defines student records, proper access and use of student records, and faculty/staff/student compliance responsibilities. Students at West Chester University are afforded rights regarding their education records. Learn more here!

Title IX

Students and advisors can help those who believe they may have been victimized sexually or have been accused of sexual misconduct by consulting these Sexual Misconduct resources. Students should know that all faculty must report to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion any incidents of sexual misconduct (unless they were noted during a classroom discussion, in a writing assignment for a class, or as part of a University-approved research project). If students do not want this information reported under the student’s name, s/he can speak to employees with confidential exemption:

Campus Assessment, Response, and Education Team (CARE)

The Campus Assessment, Response, and Education Team (CARE Team[BROKEN LINK]) is a campus-wide team that provides a caring approach of identification, consultation, and coordination of the University response to situations involving students who engage in concerning, disruptive and/or potentially harmful behavior. CARE Team serves as a resource to the campus community and centralizes communication. The team identifies risk and develops a collaborative outreach and support plan with campus and community resources.