Security here at WCU Philadelphia is provided by Allied Universal Company. We have two security guards assigned to our campus Monday-Thursday, 3pm to 10pm and Friday 8:30am to 5pm.

  • If you need an escort, after class, to the parking lot at 8th & Market, or the 8th & Market subway/regional rail service please let the front desk security guard know on arrival to campus.
  • If you exit the building doors and doors lock, for re-entry call the building's security at 215-238-9777 ext. #1 for building front desk or # 610-436-3701 for the campus security guard at WCU's front desk.
  • Security guards have the right to ask for WCU ID or government identification when entering the campus for proof of identity.

Security Guards are responsible for:

  • Detecting and then deterring persons and contraband that are not permitted to be on campus.
  • Assisting in medical emergencies, fire drills, disruptive incidents, and providing walking safety escorts.

The attached is a map of the first floor retail level where students, faculty and staff is suggested to exit the building when leaving the campus to head to parking lot or street level public transportation.

The concourse level map shows the exit doors where students, faculty and staff is suggested to exit the building when leaving to head to public transportations stations for Broad Street-Ridge Spur train (Northbound train), Market/Frankford line (Eastbound/Westbound trains) or Patco Train (New Jersey Transit)

  • Assisting with the locking and securing of all campus suites (Academic and Administrative suites).

Allied Security guards also conduct foot patrols inside and outside of all the academic and administrative suites areas. Allied security guards are not able to make physical arrests.