Standard IV

Link to Middle States Commission on Higher Education Standard IV Criteria


Workgroup Members

Name Title
Zebulun Davenport * Vice President of University Advancement & External Relations
Shannon Mrkich * Associate Professor of English & Lead teacher for FYE courses
Jackie Hodes* Associate Professor of Educational Policy
Lisa Calvano Lisa Calvano Associate Professor of Management & Interim Associate Dean of Business and Public Management
Theresa Friedman Assistant Director Educational Technology & User Services
Brigid Gallagher Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
Rachel Komlos Associate Registrar
Marci Major Assistant Professor & Chair of Music Education
Robyn Spragins Director of Student Health Center
Merry Staulters Associate Professor of Special Education

*denotes a tri-chair for the workgroup

Lines of Inquiry

Has the University strategically aligned support for the student experience with our mission and institutional priorities?

  1. What infrastructure and resources does WCU have in place to support access, retention, financial aid, and support services for the following student populations?
    1. Undergraduate
      1. Non-traditional
      2. Transfer
      3. URM
      4. First Generation
      5. International
    2. Graduate
      1. URM
      2. International
  2. What has the University done to align co-curricular programs and services with the following:
    1. student learning outcomes,
    2. General Education learning outcomes,
    3. the President’s Tool Kit?
  3. How does WCU assess the effectiveness of programs supporting the student experience?