Meet Your Admissions Rep

Sarah Freed Headshot

Dr. Sarah Freed

Senior Associate Vice President of Enrollment

Alma mater: The University of Scranton and Adelphi University

Favorite West Chester spot: Everhart Park

Favorite TV show: Will & Grace

Hobby: yoga

WCU in one word: incomparable 

Erica Matt Headshot

Dr. Erica Akaya Matt

Assistant Vice President of Admissions

Territory: all other states

Alma mater: Vanderbilt University, Smith College, and University of Delaware

Favorite West Chester spot: Saxby's

Favorite TV show: Love Is Blind

WCU in one word: golden

Sierra Headshot

Sierra Comley

Assistant Director of Admissions


Territory: Northern New Jersey

Alma mater: University of Delaware

Favorite West Chester spot: Sykes Student Union

Favorite TV show: Ted Lasso

Hobbies: Birding, hiking, reading, and watching movies

WCU in one word: home

Griffin Jackson headshot

Griffin Jackson

Assistant Director of Admissions


Territory: Northeastern PA

Alma mater: Johnson & Wales University

Favorite West Chester spot: Nudy's Cafe

Favorite Book: Eragon

Hobbies: Reading, cooking, and gymnastics

WCU in one word: community

Lauren Headshot

Lauren Lang

Deputy Director of Admissions


Territory: Chester County, PA

Alma mater: Mount St. Mary's University

Favorite West Chester spot: Iron Hill Brewery - the have the best sweet potato fries!

Hobbies: spending time with my husband and two children, running

Favorite book: The Memory Keeper's Daughter

Katie Lehnert headshot

Katie Lehnert

Assistant Director of Admissions


Territory: Lancaster, York, Dauphin, and Lebanon Counties, PA

Alma mater: Arcadia University

Favorite West Chester spot: Iron Hill

Favorite TV Show: New Girl & Bob's Burgers

Hobbies: Running & baking

WCU in one word: exciting

Catherine Headshot

Catherine Oberholtzer

Deputy Director of Admissions


Territory: Delaware County Community College

Alma mater: East Stroudsburg University and Chestnut Hill College

Favorite West Chester spot: St. Agnes, Kooma, and Gemelli

Favorite book: Outlander

WCU in one word: community

Caitlin Sweeney headshot

Caitlin Sweeney

Assistant Director of Admissions


Territory: Bucks and Delaware Counties

Alma mater: Lock Haven University

Favorite West Chester spot: The Social

Favorite TV Show: Succession

Hobbies: Running, tennis, watching U.S. Women's Soccer

WCU in one word: opportunity

Stephanie Pinel headshot

Stephanie Pinel

Senior Associate Director of Admissions


Territory: Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia

Alma mater: Albright College and Penn State University

Favorite West Chester spot: The Local Farmers Market!

Favorite TV Show: New Girl and Avatar the Last Airbender

Hobbies: Cycling, Hiking, Dancing, and Pro-Wrestling!

WCU in one word: Opportunities

Connor Delaney headshot

Connor Delaney

Assistant Director of Admissions


Territory: South and Central NJ

Alma mater: Ewing High School/Villanova University

Favorite West Chester spot: Sykes Student Union

Favorite TV Show: Invincible

Hobbies: Video games, Reading, and Watching Movies

WCU in one word: Golden

Mariah Wagner headshot

Mariah Wagner

Assistant Director of Admissions


Territory: Delaware & New York

Alma mater: Millersville University of Pennsylvania

Favorite West Chester spot: Carlino's Market or Iron Hill Brewery

Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who

Hobbies: Reading, Working out, & Watching Anime

WCU in one word: Inclusive

Stephen Castaneda headshot

Stephen CastaƱeda

Deputy Director of Admissions


Territory: FL and CA

Alma mater: Smith College and University of Pennsylvania

Favorite West Chester spot: Westtown Amish Market

Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, This Is Us, Friends

Hobbies: Museum going, visiting tourist attractions, browsing knick-knack stores.

WCU in one word: Flagship

Delia Pineda Sarmiento headshot

Delia Pineda Sarmiento

Assistant Director of Admissions


Territory: Montgomery County

Alma mater: Arcadia Univeristy

Favorite West Chester spot: Carlino's and Dia Doce

Favorite TV Show: Avatar the Last Airbender

Favorite Book: The Two Princesses of Bamarre (the book that started my love for reading!)

Hobbies: Sewing, listening to music, and reading

WCU in one word: Lively