Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know about the WRITE Survey?

Taking the right first-year writing courses can be a critical factor for a student's success at college.

Writing, critical analysis and research are fundamental skills for every major and professional career. Many new college students find that high school English and other writing assignments gave them some preparation for what was coming next, but in most cases the demands of college and professional writing are very different than what has come before.

The WRITE Survey is a free online survey that was designed by the English Department to assist you in identifying the best writing course sequence to assure your success at WCU. The English Department will integrate your answers from the WRITE Survey with information we have on file (such as standardized test scores and high school GPA) to select courses that should be a good fit for you, and you'll have the opportunity to request a change if you disagree with the placement.

Who takes the WRITE Survey?

All incoming first-year and transfer students must take the WRITE Survey.

How do I access the WRITE Survey (for first-year students)?

  • As soon as you have submitted a deposit [and therefore are “enrolled”] for the first semester you can take the WRITE Survey.
  • The WRITE Survey can be taken online at your myWCU portal.
    • Log in to your MYWCU account
    • Find the Current Tasks widget, which is typically located in the Upper-Right Corner of your screen.
    • Click on First-Year Placement Examinations inside the Current Tasks Widget. This will take you to the placement portal.
    • Once in the portal, the Navigation bar on the left of your screen will show you what sections need to be completed. The WRITE SURVEY will be included in this sidebar list as “Writing Self Placement.”
    • Click Ready to Start when you want to begin the placement test.
    • Click Complete once you are finished.
  • For best results, we recommend that you complete the WRITE Survey on any computer (no mobile devices, including phones and tables) using the Mozilla Firefox browser.

How to I access the WRITESurvey (for transfer students)?

Transfer students who do not transfer in credits equivalent to WRT120 need to take the WRITESurvey in order to enroll in a 100-level WRT course. Please email to get access to the WRITESurvey.

How much time do I need to take the WRITE Survey?

You'll need:

  • Enough time to finish it in one sitting (you can not split taking the survey over more than one sitting).
  • About 10 minutes (we recommend you allocate at least 10 minutes).

Can I use a calculator or other aids on the WRITE Survey?

You will not need any other instruments to complete the survey.

Do I need to take the WRITE Survey even though I have AP, test and/or College credits from my high school or another undergraduate institution?

Yes. Even if a student has AP, test or transfer credit(s) the WRITE Survey must be completed for all incoming students. If you have questions with regard to how your AP, test or college credits are factored into your undergraduate credits, please refer to the following links:

Do I need to complete the entire placement portal (English, Mathematics, and [possibly - depending on major] Foreign Language) all in one sitting?

No. However each separate department portal must be completed in one sitting.

For example, you need to finish the WRITE Survey once you begin (in the same seating). Once finished, it's up to you as to whether or not you'd like to begin (and therefore also finish) the Math Placement Exam in one seating as well. Once Math is completed, it's up to you as to whether or not you'd like to begin (and finish) the Foreign Language Placement (if that portal is made available to you, not all students have to take F.L.) in one seating.

What happens once I've completed the WRITE Survey?

Congrats on finishing the WRITE Survey! Your first step to enrolling in your first semester's worth of class is complete!

Once your WRITE Survey is complete, schedulers work collaboratively to put together a first semester schedule that incorporates your major (even if it's Pre-major) and any extracurricular activities you partake in (if you do). You will receive your schedule at Orientation.

What does my placement mean/do?

The WRITE Survey will integrate your answers with information we have on file (such as standardized test scores, high school GPA and transfer credit - if you have any) to determine which Writing course sequence (out of 4 possibilities) is likely to be the best fit for you. In the following table, you'll find your recommended course sequence (or survey result) and what that course sequence entails:

Row Survey Result/Course Sequence Course Name & Brief Explanation
A WRT123
(4 credits, all of which count toward graduation)
Effective Writing I with Supplemental Writing Workshop
Students in this sequence will move directly to WRT200-level courses after completion.
B WRT120 alone
(3 credits, counts toward graduation)
Effective Writing I
Students in this sequence will move directly to WRT200-level courses after completion.
c WRT200-220 alone
(3 credits, counts toward graduation)
Critical Research Writing
Any 200-level course with the WRT prefix will fulfill this requirement.

 If you do NOT see a writing course on your schedule it could mean one of the following:

  • Your home (or major/pre-major) department has determined that it may be best to take the course in another semester.
  • You haven't taken the WRITE Survey, so we can't place you appropriately in the course sequence that will best fit your needs.
  • There are no available seats in the course sequence that best fits your needs.

What is the difference between WRT123 and WRT120? 

WRT123 (4-credit course) provides students with an extra 50-minute workshop, as well as student writing mentor, to ensure every student is able to demonstrate the rhetorical agility, genre/discourse conventions with sound writing processes in order to perform well not only in WRT200s, but also be well-situated to compose meaningful writing for courses in your chosen discipline, and future profession.

WRT120 (3-credit course) offers the same curriculum and learning outcomes as WRT123. Students in this course generally have a strong background in writing and writing processes from their secondary education (high school).

WRT123 fulfills the same requirement as WRT120. Once a student completes either WRT123 or WRT120 they can enroll a 200-level WRT course.

How can I view my WRITE Survey results?

First-year students will receive their placement information during their advisor meeting at Orientation. Other students may follow these instructions to look up their placement scores in myWCU. If your or your advisor has questions about the placement inquiry, please contact the WRITESurvey at

Can I fail the WRITE Survey?

No you cannot "fail" because the WRITE Survey is designed for placement not for pass or fail.

In other words, once you've submitted your deposit, regardless of your score, you will be placed into a class.

The WRITE Survey simply serves to place you in the appropriate first semester Writing course suited to your needs towards undergraduate success.

First Semester Students: How do I change my Writing placement (or course)?

If you have questions about your placement, please contact .

First semester schedules are created with the best fit course sequence in mind, therefore, it is recommended that you keep your original placement/course. If, however, you need to request a change to your Writing placement, here's who you need to contact to do that:
  • Submit this webform to request to take WRT120 instead of WRT123. Please allow a few days for your request to be approved; the First Year Writing Director must review and approve your request.
  • You must also contact the department of your major (ex: English Major = English Department) to discuss your options with your advisor.
  • Once you've discussed your options with your major department, you'll then submit a formal request to the Registrar that will need to be approved by your major department. Follow this process:

    Part 1:

    1. Log into myWCU
    2. In myWCU you'll find “Request to Change First Semester Schedule” form
    3. Link is located under Useful Links in the Academic Information section
    4. Complete and submit “Request to Change First Semester Schedule”
    5. This form will get emailed to the Registrar's office

    Part 2:

    • All forms submitted for students in undeclared plans will be sent directly to Exploratory Studies via email.
    • All other forms will be sent to the Registrar's office via email
      • The Registrar's office will review the request
      • Request clearly due to student preference (as opposed to need) will not be processed
      • The Registrar will respond to any denied request
      • Student requests will be sent to the appropriate academic department for processing

How do I change my Writing placement (or course) for second-semester first-year students, sophomores, and others?

  • First, review the information above about WRT120 and WRT123.
  • If you have questions about WRT120 and WRT123, you can contact or your advisor.
  • Submit this webform to request to take WRT120 instead of WRT123. Please allow a few days for your request to be approved; the First Year Writing Director must review and approve your request. The English Department will then need to enroll you in WRT120.

HELP! How do I "complete" the WRITE Survey?

Once the 15 questions are complete you'll need to click on the "Submit" button and the "Mark As Complete" button.

You should see a bubble that pops up saying "Thank you for taking the WRITE Survey!"

Why can't I log into the Placement Portal on myWCU to take the WRITE Survey?

Several possibilities:

  • Have you paid your deposit? Payment must occur before the WRITE Survey is made available to you through myWCU. If you have paid and you still don't have access, continue
  • Are you using an up-to-date web browser (Firefox or Google Chrome)? We highly recommend using an up-to-date web browser, ideally on a desktop (as opposed to a phone). If you have, and you still don't have access, continue
  • Have you tried logging into myWCU and clicking the link titled "Current Tasks"? If all of the above points have been taken care of and you still do not have access, continue
  • Please contact the WCU Help Desk at 610-436-3350.

Who can answer any further questions I have?

If you cannot find the answer to your question on this FAQ, you can contact

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