Getting Started

Distance Education Approval Process at WCU

In order to teach online at WCU, both the faculty and the course have to be approved by CAPC. We generally recommend to start your course development and prepare CAPC paperwork 6 months to 1 year before the actual delivery date of your online course. Take a look of the Online Course Development & Approval Flowchart  to get a better understanding what's involved in the process.

Online Faculty Certification Requirements

CAPC requires online faculty to obtain training from the Office of Distance Education prior to course approval and delivery.

  • Initial Certification
    New online faculty are required by CAPC to complete the initial certification training offered by the Office of Distance Education. Check the Online Faculty Development Program for details.
  • Re-certification
    After the initial certification online faculty are required by CAPC to be re-certified every 5 years. The re-certification training normally consists of a 1-day face-to-face training.

How We Support You

Online course design and development is a systematic process for planning and organizing the resources, learning activities, communication mechanisms and assessment activities necessary to result in active student learning.

Developing an online/blended course is not simply putting your course content in D2L; successful online/blended teaching requires a significant course transformation. Faculty rethink and redesign their courses, create new learning activities, reorganize content presentation, and integrate online technologies. Many times, faculty need to learn new teaching skills and techniques to manage online communication, interaction, and new assessment methods.

  • What do you want students to know when they have finished taking your course?
  • As you think about learning objectives, what activities do you do now in the classroom?
  • How to transform or redesign them into challenging and engaging online learning activities?
  • How can you divide and organize course content online so it’s easy for students to follow?
  • How do you engage and support your face-to-face students?
  • How can you achieve the same results online?
  • How do your assess your face-to-face students?
  • How can you assessment your online students?
  • How to ensure academic integrity?
  • What technology tools are available to support my online/blended course?

Instructional Designers

Our instructional designers will work closely with you and support your online course design and development effort  from beginning to end. We provide consultation on online pedagogy, syllabus construction, and effective online activities, and assessment. We also help faculty create online course materials and recommend or provide training on appropriate e-learning technology tools.

Online Support Specialists

Our online support specialists will help you create online course materials, copy course content, maintain course site, transcribe audio/video lectures, as well as provide after hour technical support for both you and your students!

Contact Distance Education

to schedule an initial course design meeting and get started on developing your online/blended course!

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