MHL 520 – Music History for Music Educators

Summer II - July 1 – August 2, 2024
3 Credits

Music History for Music Educators is designed to help music educators explore music historical topics in depth and synthesize what they have learned into lessons that can be used in the classroom. The course is defined by method rather than by content: students will learn about a variety of topics in a series of detailed case studies and then synthesize this knowledge into lessons aimed at a variety of age ranges. The historical topics covered will change from semester to semester. The focus of the course is on history--it allows students to practice applying their existing pedagogical skills to the historical content.


Meeting Pattern

MHL 520 is an online asynchronous course.

Course Enrollment

Tuition Costs:

In-State Tuition - $1548 plus fees
Out-of-State Tuition - $2322 plus fees

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Jordan Stokes

Jordan Stokes
Associate Professor