MTC 512 - Composition I

Summer II - July 1 – August 2, 2024
3 Credits

Composition I is a graduate level course that explores the basic compositional principles with a focus on the development of student's individual musical interests. Students write short pieces, each elaborated over a period of several weeks, exploring different principles of instrumental texture (e.g. monody, homophony, polyphony) and formal design (e.g. theme and variations, motivic development, song, dance forms). Works in progress are evaluated by peer and instructor critiques of Sibelius or Finale files.


Meeting Pattern

MTC 512 is an online course during the summer session with weekly zoom meetings scheduled with Dr. Maggio.

Course Enrollment

Tuition Costs:

In-State Tuition - $1548 plus fees
Out-of-State Tuition - $2322 plus fees

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Robert Maggio