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Contact Us

West Chester University in Philadelphia

Phone: (610) 436-3701

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Admissions Office - All Programs

Graduate and Certificate Programs

Master of Social Work Program (MSW)
Graduate Certificate in Gerontology
Jeanean Mohr, MSW
Assistant Director of Enrollment, Graduate Social Work
Phone:  610-436-2096
Schedule a 1:1 appointment with Jeanean

M.Ed Transformative Education and Social Change
Graduate Certificate in Urban Education

Ekaterina (Kate) Kozlova
Assistant Director of Graduate Enrollment
Phone: 610-436-2575
Schedule a 1:1 appointment with Kate

Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Lillian Miller
Associate Director, College of Business and Public Management
Phone:  610-436-2018

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MSHRM)
Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management
Nick Snyder
Assistant Director, College of Business and Public Management
Phone:  610-436-6906

Campus Directory

Joseph Santivasci, M.Ed.
Sr. Associate Vice President of Financial Aid and Campuses
Phone: 610-436-3376

Joseph Santivasci


Evelyn Anderson
Associate Director of Student Services
Phone: 610-436-3709

Evelyn Anderson


Ben Morgan, M.A.
Associate Director, Student Success Center
Phone: 610-436-3714

Ben Morgan


Keeya Faison
Operations Manger
Phone: 610-436-3702
Email: Keeya Faison

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