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Finance & Administration

Policies and Procedures

Contact Finance & Administration  

Finance & Administration

General Information & Assistance: 610-436-1000
Financial Aid: 610-436-2627
Undergraduate Admissions: 610-436-3411
Graduate Admissions: 610-436-2943

Area Subject Includes
Division of Student Affairs Ram's Eye View: Policies
  • General University Policies
  • Academic Policies
  • Student Policies
Provost's Office Forms and Policies
  • Academic Policies
  • Faculty Hiring, Tenure and Promotion.
Finance and Administration Division Right-to-Know (Open Records)
  • WCU Contact Information
  • PA Office of Open Records Contact Information
Finance and Administration Division Records Management
  • Unversity Records Retention and Disposal Policies
Facilities Policies and Procedures
  • Building Administration
  • Motor Pool
  • Shuttle Bus Services.
Finance and Business Services Accounting Policies
  • Fixed Asset Capitalization
  • Cash Handling
  • Commercial Advertising and Sales
  • Institutional Memberships
  • Gift Processing
Finance and Business Services Accounts Payable
  • Purchasing Card
  • Travel Card
Finance and Business Services Purchasing - Procurement Policies and Procedures
  • Purchasing Requirements
  • Purchasing Policy
  • Use of Public Funds
  • IT Procurement Policy
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
  • HR policies for employees and faculty
Public Safety Emergency Management
  • Response Action Plans
  • Notification Procedures
  • Weather Alerts
Public Safety  Crisis Response
  • Student Help
  • Resources
Public Safety UAS/Drone Policy
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Drones Policy
Security Services Guest Policy
  • Residence Hall Guest Policies
Parking Services Visitor Parking
  • Policies for campus visitors, vendors and construction personnel
Borough of West Chester Borough Parking 
  • Residential Parking Permits
  • Parking Garages and Lots
  • Parking Tickets
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