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Peer Mentors 2023


The Dowdy Multicultural Center Peer Mentoring Program is dedicated to supporting WCU Students of Color (Asian American, Black/African American, Desi American, Latinx, Mixed heritage, Native American/Indigenous, Pacific Islander) through their first academic year. Students of Color will learn about campus resources, establish a support network that includes students, faculty, and staff, and create goals for holistic success with the guidance of established student leaders and DMC staff. Students will be matched with student leader after registering.

How it works?

Mentees will be matched with a mentor for the academic year after registering for the program.

As a result of participating in the Peer Mentoring Program, mentees will be able to:

  • Identify campus resources
  • Identify individuals to serve as a support network
  • Create goals related to their holistic wellness

Mentees must commit to attending:

  • 1 hour Mentoring meetings 2 times per month
  • 1 Dowdy Multicultural Center sponsored event per month
  • Programs, events, and personalized appointments hosted by campus resources led by students, staff, and faculty
  • Welcoming Induction event
  • End of fall semester celebration
  • End of year celebration


Established in 1994, the Mentoring Program in the Multicultural Center was formed to help Students of Color persist and graduate from West Chester University. The program was implemented by Jerome (Skip) Hutson and Rochelle Peterson. At that time the Mentoring Program only consisted of two components: the mentees (first-year students) and volunteer, faculty/staff mentors. In 1996, Dr. Kendrick Mickens joined the staff and a third component was added, the peer mentor component. This addition provided a successful academic peer liaison and role model for the first-year participates, and has become integral to the success of the program.

The Dowdy Multicultural Center Peer Mentoring Program Spring 2023 Events
Jeopardy & Activities
Friday, February 10 | 6pm-8pm | Sykes 255

Study Night 
Monday, February 13 | 4pm-7pm | Sykes 252 

Let’s Talk About Time Management
Thursday, March 9  | 6pm-7:30pm | Sykes 255 

Study Night 
Monday, March 20 | 4pm-7pm | Sykes 255

In It to Win It Round 2
Monday, April 10 | 6pm-7pm | Sykes 255

Study Night
Wednesday, April 19 | 4pm-7pm | Sykes 254 

End Of the Year Celebration
Friday, April 28 | 4pm-5pm | Philips Autograph Library
mentors and mentees only event

All are welcome to join us at these events, except the end of the year celebration.
Questions? Email

Mentees Benefits

Mentors and program staff will guide you to:

  • Increase awareness of campus resources
  • Build a support network of students, staff, and faculty
  • Create goals for holistic wellness

Extended Deadline to Enroll for Spring 2023: Sunday, February 12

Enrollment Link:
Become a Mentee

Peer Mentors Benefits

  • Opportunity to impact first year Students of Color.
  • Increase awareness of campus resources.
  • Serve as a resource.
  • Practice communication and time management skills.
  • Enhance leadership and coaching skills.

2022-2023 Application Deadline: Friday, July 1 | contact if interested

Apply HERE

Application Process

  1. Fill out the application below. Note: We recommend you type your answer on a separate document and paste your answers
  2. Upload resume and cover letter within the application. Interview may be requested.

Peer Mentor Description

The Peer Mentor position is a part of the Dowdy Multicultural Center team. The Peer Mentor plays a vital role in assisting the Multicultural Center in its efforts to positively impact first year and transfer Students of Color to matriculate at West Chester University. Mentors will assist mentees in the following:

  • Identify campus resources
  • Identify individuals to serve as a support network
  • Create goals related to their holistic wellness
  • The commitment is a total of 11 volunteer hours per month.

Mentor 10 Hour Voluntary Commitment

The following is the breakdown of the minimum commitment of 10 monthly volunteer hours:

  • Meet with 3 mentees for 2 hours each (6 hours)
  • Attending programs hosted by the Peer Mentoring Program with mentees (1.5 hours)
  • Peer Mentor Development/Bonding Day (1 hour)
  • Reading Mentoring Program emails and completing Mentor reports (1 hour)
  • Training Days: see application for dates.


  • Credits: Earned 24 credits or more by the time application is submitted.
  • GPA Requirements: Minimum of a 2.75 cumulative grade point average (GPA) at the time that your application is submitted to the Dowdy Multicultural Center
  • GPA Minimum: Maintain a 2.5 per semester GPA. Failure to maintain the GPA requirements will result in probation or termination of the Peer Mentor position.
  • Academic Standing: Must be in good academic standing at WCU.
  • Leadership: Must have prior leadership experience and/or engaged in leadership activities on-campus/off-campus (community service, campus involvement, conference attendance, etc.). Student Conduct: Applicants who have any incomplete student conduct sanctions will not be considered.
  •  Hours: Must be available for 11 hours per month.
  • Attend Peer Mentor Training dates


  • Commit to Fall and Spring semesters (one academic year).
  • Must maintain the minimum GPA and in good academic standing.
  • All reports and deadlines should be met in a timely manner.
  • Peer Mentors will be evaluated twice in the Fall semester and twice in the Spring semester to determine continued status.
  • Abide by all local, state, and federal laws, as well as all University rules and regulations


Peer Mentor Biographies


Student Staff Headshot

Alexis Acey

Year:  4th year
Major: Accelerated BS Geography: GIS Track
Involvements: Geography & Planning Club Secretary
Interests: Outdoor Enthusiast, Skincare Junkie, & Kpop Fan

Student Staff Headshot

Andrew Franz

Year: 2nd year
Major: Business Management
Involvements: Photography Assistant, Thrift Volunteer Work, Self Employed
Interests: Sports, Anime, Collecting artifacts

Student Assistants

Student Staff Headshot

Damaris Silva-Lopez

Year: 3rd year
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology major on Pre-PA track
Minor: Civic and Professional Leadership
Involvements: Fundraising Chair for Pre-Medical Student Association,Honors Student Association, Nursing Assistant at Chester County Hospital
Interests: Reading, Walks, Coffee dates

Student Staff Headshot

Fatiah Adegbite

Year: 2nd year
Major: Psychology
Involvements: Photography Club, Golden Ram society, West Chester Foundation work study
Interests: Running, Hanging with friends and family

Student Staff Headshot

Gianna Sands

Year: 2nd year
Major: Psychology
Involvements: Red robin Togo specialist, In creative writing club, Spin class
Interests: Making tik toks, Watching netflix, Hanging with friends

Student Staff Headshot

Jared Haynes

Year: 2nd year
Major: Undecided
Minor: Undecided
Involvements: Dowdy Multicultural Center, BSU, Psychology Club
Interests: Exercising, Joining clubs, Volunteer work

Student Staff Headshot

Kaila Summers

Year: 4th year
Major: Psychology
Minor: Entrepreneurship
Involvements: Sisters United, D.R.E.A.M. Team, Precise Fashion Organization
Interests: Exercising, Trying new food, Reading

Student Staff Headshot

Khadejah Holmes

Year: 3rd year
Major: Psychology
Minor: Elementary Education
Involvements: Alpha Phi Omega, Psychology Club, RamCorps ambassador, YMCA summer camp counselor
Interests: Traveling, Reading, Volunteering, Hanging out with friends and family

Student Staff Headshot

Kimberly West

Year: 3rd year
Major: Marketing
Involvements: Lenscrafters sales associate, digital marketing internship experience
Interests: Music, Watching documentaries, Art

Student Staff Headshot

Lizeth Mercado Salinas

Year: 5th year
Major: Criminal Justice
Minor: Women and Gender Studies
Involvements: National Alliance on Mental Illness Member, Longwood Gardens Employee, and an Occasional Babysitter
Interests: True Crime, Making jewelry, Reading

Student Staff Headshot

Mya Humphries

Year: 4th year
Major: Political Science
Minor: Media and Culture
Involvements: Manager, Volunteer
Interests: Reality TV, Exploring

Student Staff Headshot

Shanyia Morris

Year: 3rd year
Major: Psychology
Minor: Criminal Justice
Involvements: Psychology club, CESW Tech Center Assistant, YMCA summer camp counselor
Interests: Watching movies, Learning languages, Reading, Volunteering, Watching tv shows

Student Staff Headshot

Shelby Lewis

Year: 3rd year
Major: English
Minor: Journalism, Digital Humanities and New Media
Involvements: National Association for Black Journalists, POESIS, CTQA Peer Educator
Interests: Horror movies, Comic books, Pop culture

Student Staff Headshot

Sierra Friday

Year: 4th year
Major: Accelerated BS Geography: GIS Track
Involvements: Geography & Planning Club Secretary
Interests: Outdoor Enthusiast, Skincare Junkie, & Kpop Fan

Student Staff Headshot

Trinity Stephens

Year: 4th year
Major: Integrative Biology
Involvements: Peer mentoring program
Interests: Watching Netflix, Listening to music & hanging with friends

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