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West Chester University is proud to offer accelerated programs for undergraduate students who are interested in taking graduate coursework and intend to complete a master’s degree at WCU following graduation. Students with at least a junior standing can begin taking graduate coursework to count towards a master’s degree. This can expedite the time to completion of the master’s degree and also decrease the overall combined credits necessary to complete the undergraduate and graduate degrees. While pursuing their undergraduate degree, students pay undergraduate tuition for up to 12 graduate credits. Please note that accelerated offerings are limited to those programs that have elected to provide such a format. There are more than 30 accelerated programs available.

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What to Expect - An Accelerated Program Timeline

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Step 1

Apply to an accelerated program at least a semester before enrolling in graduate courses. This may be as early as the end of sophomore year , but must be prior to the second semester of senior year.  Transfer students may be eligible for admission at the time of admission to the university.  More information about applying to an accelerated program is available here.  Some programs may require acceptance at a specific time.

Step 2

Once accepted into an accelerated program, students will receive an email notification regarding their acceptance.  Students accepted into an accelerated program will receive their provisional offer of admission to the graduate program when they have earned at least 60 credits.

Registering for graduate courses when you are in your junior and/or senior year requires enrollment permissions from your department.  More information about registering can be found here.

Step 3

Graduating students who wish to continue towards the master’s degree following the undergraduate degree conferral, must complete the Intent to Continue activity on myWCU. You will receive an email email prompt instructing you to complete this process.

Step 4

Following conferral of the undergraduate degree, accelerated students are formally accepted into the master’s program and considered graduate students if they expressed an intent to continue. They will be charged the graduate tuition rate and be eligible for graduate aid, including graduate assistantships. The remaining coursework for the master’s degree is completed.

Step 5

Accelerated students graduate from the master’s program, typically in less time and at a reduced cost relative to their non-accelerated peers. Students completing the program are able to get a head start looking for career placements, fellowships, or further education as relevant to their field.

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