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Transportation and Parking Services

NOTE: Please see “Transportation and Parking News” below for important updates as the University navigates the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Here at West Chester University, we commute with care. That means, however we choose to make our way to and from campus, we do so with an attitude of care for ourselves, each other, and the environment. We show this attitude of care for ourselves by choosing healthier lifestyles through active modes of transportation like bicycling and walking. We show care to our fellow commuters when we share the road, remain alert, and obey the laws of traffic, ensuring the safety of everyone. We show care for the environment when we make the choice to commute by shared modes of transportation like carpooling or public transit.

On this website you'll find up-to-date information about campus parking services, carpooling, regional transit, WCU's shuttle bus system (including connections to the community via the Uptown Loop and Exton Shuttle), as well as walking and bicycling choices. Please take the time to explore the tabs above; you may be surprised to find a new mode of transit may be possible for you!  And regardless of how you choose to commute, commute with care.

Transportation and Parking News

  • West Chester University is proud to announce a new partnership with DVRPC (Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission) and TMACC (Transportation Management Association of Chester County) offering the WCU community access to the digital trip planning and carpool connection platform Share-A-Ride! More details are available on the Carpooling webpage.
  • Launching August 1st, 2021 is SEPTA newest bus line connecting West Chester and Coatesville, SEPTA 135. Check out the SEPTA 135 schedule and map.
  • Starting August 2nd, 2021 SEPTA is changing the route for the 92 bus. It will no longer be making stops at the WCU campus, but ending at the West Chester Transportation Center. See the updated map and schedule for SEPTA 92.
  • Septa has information available on how to ride safely using public transit as restrictions are being put in place across their service area. See their Recovery Toolkit page.

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