The Academic Success Program is a special admissions program for students who do not meet current admissions criteria but who still show the potential to succeed in college.

Students admitted to the program complete a five week summer session to assist them in developing academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. In addition, the program provides academic support through academic advising, tutoring, mentoring and academic monitoring, and counseling. Students who successfully complete the summer session enter the fall semester with increased academic confidence and familiarity with the campus culture and university procedures.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS PROGRAM, At asp, we care2 for our students by: Compassion:  Displaying concern for life experiences  and how those experiences impact their academic  pursuits  Attention:  Focusing on student academic needs and  overall well-being  Reinforcement:  Collaboratively establishing a plan  to support student growth and academic success  Empowerment:  Encouraging students to be self- directed learners, to think critically and to apply  learning in and outside of the classroom  Empathy:  Demonstrating respect of individual differences  through a commitment to diversity and inclusion


2021 Awards Convocation


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