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Name: Michelle L. Patrick, Ph.D.
Position: Dean

Name: Laurie Christie
Position: Administrative Assistant

Name: Cindy Cheyney
Position: Assistant Dean

Name: Ruth Flanagan
Position: Administrative Assistant



Our programs feature small classes and highly qualified faculty who are committed to teaching excellence and a wide range of research interests. Our programs provide students with internship opportunities.

Master of Business Administration

MBA Program's Comprehensive Curriculum is a graduate business education that exposes students to a wide-range of business issues taught by high quality, real-world focused faculty, and delivered in formats (hybrid or online) that are responsive to working professionals' needs and requirements.

Master of Public Administration

This advanced practice degree is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to enhance the field of public service through positions both inside and outside of government in the nonprofit and even private sector, e.g., as consultants to governmental organizations or as governmental service providers. This program plan is designed for individuals with professional work experience who desire to enhance their administrative and public management skills as well as pre-service students who do not have professional experience. Students can pursue this option concurrently with a graduate certificate such as Urban and Regional Planning.

MS: Criminal Justice

The Master of Science in criminal justice offers a multidisciplinary curriculum to give students the sophisticated working knowledge of the major systems within the field. Students will take challenging and rigorous courses rooted in history, law, philosophy, research, psychology, management, and political science that involve critical analysis of complex issues.

MA: Geography

The MA in Geography prepares students for a variety of career choices in planning, environmental work, and population and site analysis. It can also prepare students for entry into many government agencies such as the EPA, Census Bureau, CIA, and Forestry Service, as well as private sector jobs. Another option for students with a MA in Geography is entry into selective Ph.D. programs.

MSW: Social Work

The Graduate Social Work Department provides a quality, affordable and accessible Master of Social Work degree in preparation for a career in an evolving, complex, technological, and global society. It prepares graduates who can think critically, communicate effectively, embrace diversity, practice ethically, respond to the needs of vulnerable and oppressed populations, are committed to social justice, and are competent to practice with individuals and families.