A Message From the GSA Executive Board:

Dear West Chester University Community,
On behalf of the Executive Board of the West Chester University Graduate Student Association (GSA), the GSA recognizes Black lives and fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement. As scholars and professionals, we are outraged at the continued and unceasing state sanctioned violence that continues against Black lives. We stand with our Black students who are grieving, who are angry, and who are asking for justice during this time and always. We stand with those who are using their voices and bodies to resist white supremacy and demand accountability. We stand today, tomorrow, and always, as we remember the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and so many other beautiful Black lives that have been taken from us by police brutality. 

"We declare our right on this earth...to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by ANY MEANS NECESSARY."
- El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz 
#blacklivesmatter #keepthefire #sayhername #sayhisname
Hassan Gomes, K. Rzucidlo, Emelia Bebee & Fred Fleming

 Welcome Graduate Student

Welcome to West Chester University! The Graduate Student Association has made every effort to assist in your transition to the university. Whether you have just recently graduated with your undergraduate degree or have taken a few years off – we are sure you will enjoy your time here at WCU!

The Graduate Student Association (GSA), is a student governing body for graduate students that promotes the well-being of graduate students through education, professional and social events at West Chester University and advocates for their needs.

As a graduate student, you are an important part of the WCU community. You will find exceptional resources here, including our graduate student lounge on the 6th floor of the Library and our Graduate Dean’s Scholarship Award (which gives reimbursement for attending/presenting at conferences). We encourage you to explore the full range of education opportunities that we have to offer: participate in workshops, attend social events and programs, seek out faculty with diverse interests, and network with other graduate students from various disciplines and parts of the world.

The GSA hopes that you will take advantage of the resources we have to offer. We are confident that you will find this a truly exciting time to begin your graduate career at West Chester University.

We are looking forward to supporting your academic and personal success at WCU, and if there is anything We can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to

contact us.


Mission Statement

The Graduate Student Association of West Chester University is a representative body through which the graduate students express their common concerns for the welfare of the student body, as well as for the continued progress and betterment of Graduate Studies at West Chester University.


Visit our RamConnect page to stay updated on events and important information! Be sure to stay tuned for our monthly newsletters.
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