Registration: Undergraduate Non-Degree Credit Limits

Undergraduate Non-Degree Credit Limits

Semester Credit Limits

  • Undergraduate non-degree students can earn a maximum of 18 credits during the Fall and Spring semesters and 7 credits during each Summer term and Winter semester.
    • A full-time class load ranges from 12 to 18 semester hours of credit and the student would be responsible to pay for full-time status.  Financial Aid is not available for non-degree students.

Career Credit Limits

  • Students without an undergraduate degree are limited to earning a maximum of 24 credits as a non-degree student.*
    • After earning 24 credits, the student would need to apply for admission into a degree program.
      • Taking classes as a non-degree student does not guarantee acceptance into a degree program.  If a student applies and is accepted for admission, the grades earned as a non-degree student remain on record and will be included in the computation of the cumulative GPA.
  • Students with an undergraduate degree, from WCU or another institution  have no maximum limit on the amount of career credits they may earn as a non-degree student.

*Students participating in National/International Student Exchange are not held to the 24 career credit maximum if enrolled for 2 consecutive semesters.

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