Registration and Enrollment


Tips For Getting Started

  1. Your ENROLLMENT START DATE AND TIME for every semester will be published in your myWCU account.
  2. Check the HOLDS ON YOUR ACCOUNT. Specific holds will prevent you from registering for courses.
  3. Run your DEGREE PROGRESS REPORT to see what general education, major, minor, and/or certificate requirements are still outstanding.
    • If you need to change your academic plan (major/minor/certificate), you can make that request through myWCU.
  4. Review the COURSE SCHEDULE in myWCU and add courses to your TENTATIVE SCHEDULE.
    • For any potential courses, make sure you meet the course PRE-REQUISITE REQUIREMENTS.
  5. MEET WITH YOUR ADVISOR to discuss your tentative class schedule. Make sure your advisor removes the ADVISOR HOLD from your account.
  6. On your scheduling start day and time, log into your myWCU and ENROLL!


COVID-19 Registration Information

The University made the decision to offer remote instruction for the Fall 2020, Winter 2020/2021, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 semesters.  In response, the University made updates to course delivery formats/instruction modes, which define how course content will be provided to a student.  Below outlines the non-standard instruction modes created and their definition.

Format Description
100% Online (OL) Online course that was originally intended to be offered fully online.  May or may not require students to "meet" virtually on specific days/times (synchronous instruction), which will be indicated in the meeting pattern.
Remote Asynchronous (RA) Fully remote course that was not originally intended to be offered in remote format.  Does not require instructor and students to "meet" virtually at specific days/times (no synchronous instruction).
Remote Synchronous (RS) Fully remote course that was not originally intended to be offered in remote format.  Requires instructor and students to "meet" virtually at the specific days/times indicated in the meeting pattern (synchronous instruction).
Hybrid (HB)

Courses that offer some in-person engagement - whether on campus or at another site (internship, practicum, student teaching, etc.).

All students registered in hybrid course must indicate their comfort level engaging in-person through their myWCU - click here to learn how.

Synchronous Contact Hours

To help facilitate transparency regarding planned delivery of instruction, two (2) new fields have been added to the schedule of classes offering further clarification on the amount of time a course will meet synchronously.  These fields provide an estimation and description of synchronous hours for a course.  Our hope is that these fields allow students to better select courses that will work best for their learning needs.

These two (2) fields have been applied to Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 courses with Remote Synchronous (RS) and Online (OL) - only if the course has specific dates/days/times indicated in the meeting pattern - instruction modes.

Winter 20/21 Rolled Over/Banked Credits

2020-2021 Academic Year Alternative Grading Policy

The University understands that the COVID-19 pandemic continues unabated and, in many ways, has increased in it's disruption since the start of the 2020-2021 Academic Year. We realize that the stresses of this reality are causing students to be more anxious than ever before. When we implemented the COVID-19 grading policy for Spring 2020, we found that students ultimately ended up performing better when compared to previous Spring semesters. Many of us believe that this was because the policy provided students with the opportunity to focus on learning instead of worrying so much about their grades.

It is in this context that we are announcing that the COVID-19 Alternative Grading Policy adopted for the Spring 2020 semester will be applied to the entire 2020-2021 Academic Year, which encompasses the Fall 2020, Winter 2020/2021, Spring 2021, and Summer 2021 semesters.

How do I Add / Drop a Class?

Adding and Dropping Classes in myWCU

For directions, please visit the myWCU Student Training website

  • Enrollment Tutorial Video
  • Adding Classes: Step-by-Step Directions
  • Dropping Classes:
    1. Classes tile > Drop Classes
    2. Select the Term and click on the green Continue button
    3. Check-off the Course and click on the green Drop Selected Classes button
    4. Click on the green Finish Dropping button
      • You will see a red "X" or green "check mark" next to each class.
        • A red "X" means you did not successfully drop the course and a message will appear explaining why.
        • A green "check mark" means you successfully dropped the course.

Are there Waitlists for Closed Courses?

Yes!  Once a course reaches the maximum enrollment, eligible students who attempt to add the class will have the opportunity to enroll onto the waitlist.

Learn More About Waitlists in our General Scheduling section.

Why Did My Classes Get Cancelled?

Several factors are considered before students are cancelled from their courses.  One of the largest reasons is because tuition bills remain unpaid by the due date and the student does not communicate with the Bursar's Office.

Student who do not pay for their student account by their due date and do not connect with the Bursar's Office are at risk of having their course schedule cancelled.

Prior to cancellation, students receive several notices via their WCU email account indicating that they are at risk for cancellation.  When cancelled, students are removed from all their courses for the semester.

Remember to activate your bursar account and pay your tuition bill in myWCU.  If you are experiencing financial hardship or have further questions about your bill, contact the Bursar's Office at 610-436-2552.

Course Withdrawal vs. Term Withdrawal...What's the Difference?

Term Withdrawal

A term withdrawal is the complete withdrawal from West Chester University for a specific term. Upon withdrawal, all ungraded courses will be given a grade of “W” for the indicated term.

NOTE: Term Withdrawal may affect your financial aid and if you have financial obligation to the University, your academic records may be unavailable until the issue is resolved.

Graduate Students who have received a Graduate Assistantship may have financial obligation to the University up to and including the full cost of tuition.

For more information about Term Withdrawal, please see the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog.

  • To withdraw from all courses for a given term, undergraduate and graduate students should complete a Term/University Withdrawal form through their myWCU--see step-by-step instructions online.

University Withdrawal

Students who do not intend to continue at West Chester University may withdraw from the university. Students who elect to withdraw from the university would then need to apply for readmission if they wish to re-enroll in courses.

  • To complete a University withdrawal for students not intending to return to the institution, undergraduate and graduate students should complete a Term/University Withdrawal form through their myWCU--see step-by-step instructions online.

Full refunds for tuition and the general fee are available only through the eighth calendar day that the University is in session. After that, tuition and the general fee are refunded according to the refund schedule.

Course Withdrawal

A course withdrawal can be done for individual courses after the drop/add period has ended. Please see our Grade and Credit Types page for information on Withdrawal "W" grades.

I am a READMISSION applicant, how do I enroll again?

Readmission applications are available for students who were previously enrolled at West Chester University as degree candidates.

If you have been inactive or not registered for classes for three (3) consecutive semesters, you may need to seek Readmission.

Please visit the Readmission of Former Degree Candidates page on the Undergraduate Admissions site for more information.