Job Opportunities

The Department will be sharing information about job descriptions we receive which are of interest for graduating students. New Job announcements appear at the top.

Please, contact the people indicated in the job descriptions -and not the Department- for more information.

Employment and Internships in Germany
Resources to find employment and internships in Germany. Stellenanzeigen lists many career as well as internship opportunities in Germany and some other German-speaking countries.

Customer Service Review, Inc.

Work From Home Opportunity – Bilingual Spanish Speaking Mystery Callers/evaluators:

We are seeking individuals to evaluate customer service and sales representatives' performance. Our business model is structured to support a virtual (work at home) team of part time independent contractors who can make a firm commitment to a minimum workload. The candidate must be able to read, write and speak Spanish proficiently. This position will not work for individuals who are currently employed full time or are seeking full time employment.


  • Prior customer service, call monitoring, or sales experience is preferred.
  • Good writing skills.
  • The ability to complete a minimum of a three hour shift of calls between 8:30 AM and 10:00 PM, weekdays and Saturday. There is some flexibility with the calling times, and shifts vary from day to day.
  • Must have a PC, with MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe Reader, high speed internet access, and unlimited long distance phone service on a land-line. Voice over IP will not work with our recording software.

Customer Service Review, Inc. (CSR Inc.) specializes in providing customized call center performance improvement programs. Please send your resume to – Subject line – Bilingual.

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Teaching English in Spain (for any major)

Each year, the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte in Spain offers teaching opportunities to teach English in middle/high schools across the country. Applications are submitted between January and April of each year, in order to start teaching in September. It's recommended to start the application process early on.

Contact Dr. Marcos Campillo-Fenoll for more information.
Additionally, he can offer information about teaching English at the university level in Spain.


Teaching English in Chile

The English Opens Doors Program's Volunteer Program, is a fee-free initiative from the Chilean Ministry of Education and is supported by the United Nations Development Programme-Chile. The English Opens Doors Program is seeking native and near-native English speaking volunteers from 21-35 years old to teach English under the supervision of Chilean teachers in public schools throughout Chile, working with students from 5th grade to 12th grade.

English Opens Doors Program volunteers spend approximately 35 hours a week stimulating students' communicative abilities in English using a dynamic teaching style, facilitating intercultural exchange, and generally making English fun to learn! While volunteering with the English Opens Doors Program, your students and/or alumni would have the opportunity to accumulate teaching experience in a developing country in a United Nations sponsored program, gain real-world experience living and working abroad, learn or better their Spanish-language abilities, get to know an incredible country with a wealth of cultural and geographical beauty, and most importantly to make a positive impact on an individual, national, and global level.

For more information about the Open Doors program, talk to Professor Cristóbal Cardemil-Krause.

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