Japanese Club

みなさんようこそ!The purpose of Japanese Club is to educate students about the culture, history, and language of Japan through intercultural research and discussion. The club will provide a medium through which students can share their enjoyment of Japanese language and culture with others as well as gain ethnic awareness and appreciation for diversity. The club will promote the awareness of Japanese values, history, popular culture, etiquette and an in-depth perspective of life in Japan beyond that of a standard textbook.


Club Officers 2023-24

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President Aman Monzareen 
Vice President Matthew Grapin 
Treasurer Kevin Lin
Secretary Noor Bukhari
Faculty Advisor Naoko Rotunno

Faculty Advisor: Japanese instructor Naoko Rotunno - 201 Mitchell Hall - 610-436-3433




Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arrangement

People always admire Ikebana because of its simplicity and beauty; however, not many understand that Ikebana has embedded rules that are very specific.

To play Chess, players need to know the name of each piece, respect their moves and their values in order to play the game. Similar to Chess, Ikebana practitioners also need to know the name of each material, respect their positions and angles in order to achieve the beauty and expected outcome of each style.

Less is more, Asymmetry, Harmony are the key to a successful Ikebana arrangement. I hope these messages were conveyed through “Moribana Basic Upright Style” we did in the workshop last evening. Don’t forget to practice and practice! Aley

Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arrangement 1

Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arrangement 2