Department Undergraduate Links

This list links to advising sheets and booklets listed on WCU departmental webpages for all majors; curriculum course lists, four-year plans, and requirements for minor programs can also be found in the undergraduate catalog. Departmental pages may include additional information about their programs not listed here. Academic departments are responsible for keeping the materials on their sites up to date. If you have questions about these materials, please contact the relevant department.


  • Biology. Includes:
    • Integrative Biology Concentration B.S.
    • Cell and Molecular Concentration B.S.
    • Ecology and Conservation Concentration B.S.
    • Marine Science Concentration B.S.
    • Medical Laboratory Science Concentration B.S.
    • Microbiology Concentration B.S.





  • Health. Includes:
    • Environmental Health B.S.
    • Health Science: General B.S.
    • Sports Medicine Studies Concentration B.S.
    • Respiratory Care Concentration - B.S.
    • Public Health B.S.
  • History



  • Kinesiology. Includes:
    • Exercise Science - Exercise Science Specialist Concentration B.S.
    • Exercise Science - Pre-Chiropractic Concentration B.S.
    • Exercise Science - Pre-Occupational Therapy Concentration B.S.
    • Exercise Science -Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration B.S.
    • Health and Physical Education Teacher Certification B.S.


  • Languages & Cultures. Includes:
    • French Concentration B.A. & B.A. with Elective Certification
    • German Concentration B.A. & B.A. with Elective Certification
    • Russian Concentration B.A. & B.A. with Elective Certification
    • Spanish Concentration B.A. & B.A. with Elective Certification
  • Liberal Studies. Includes:
    • Liberal Studies - Arts and Humanities Track B.A.
    • Liberal Studies - Science and Mathematics Track B.S.
    • Liberal Studies - Professional Studies Track B.S.


  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Music. Includes:
    • Composition B.M.
    • History B.M.
    • Music Education B.S.Ed. (Instrument, Voice, Keyboard)
    • Music Therapy B.M.
    • Performance B.M. (Instrument, Voice, Keyboard, Jazz)
    • Theory B.M.