Setting Up an Appointment Campaign

What: Appointment Campaigns let staff reach out to specific student populations and encourage them to schedule appointments.

Where: You can access Appointment Campaigns via the Quick Links section of the Staff Home page or by opening the Campaigns page by clicking the Campaigns icon (megaphone) on the blue navigation bar.

Who: Appointment Campaigns are best employed by staff members seeking to encourage students to meet with them for advising or other services.

Conditions: In order for Appointment Campaigns to work successfully, you must have both calendar sync and availability set up, as well as have the ability to create appointment campaigns. You also need to have access to Advanced Search to create a list of students for your campaign

Navigating to Campaigns:

Login to Navigate.

  1. Staff Homepage at login.
  2. Look for Campaigns… on the left-hand side Quick Links section.
  3. Select Appointment Campaign from the right-hand side, under Actions.

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 1

Click on +Add New

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 2

Define Campaign

  1. Name your campaign (Students will not see the name of the campaign)
  2. Select the Care Unit (Faculty should chose Faculty Office Hours)
  3. Location-Choose your location. (Faculty should chose Faculty/Advisor Office)
  4. Under "Service", choose the services for which you are available.
  5. Appointment Limit-how many appointments can the student schedule for the campaign? (default is 1)
  6. Appointment Length-how long do you want the appointment to last?
  7. Select one slot per time for one-on-one advising
  8. Set up Staff reminder Email/Text or Both
  9. Set up Recipient reminder Email/Text or Both
  10. Set up start and End date, Click Continue

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 3

Add Recipients to the Campaign

There are various ways you can add students to your Appointment Campaigns.

You can search by a name or keyword

You can also use the dropdowns in the list of specific characteristics:

  • Student Information
  • Enrollment History
  • Area of Study
  • Term Date
  • Assigned To
  • My Students Only (checkbox next to Search button)
  • Check them all out to see which one reflects your needs.


Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 4

Adding Students: Use the advanced search feature to search for students you would like to participate in the campaign.

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 5

Review Recipients:

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 6

Check off student names you want the campaign notice to be sent to, click Continue.

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 7

Select staff for the campaign

Check off your name and if applicable, select other advisors to join the campaign. Student will see a dropdown and can choose a specific name

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 8

Compose Nudges:

Nudges can be send via Email or Text (SMS). Best practice is to send the original Welcome Message as an email and following nudges as Text (SMS) messages. The Text messages are limited to 160 characters (including spaces).

The first step is to Add a Welcome Message.

Welcome Messages are pre-created using the parameters you originally chose for your appointment campaign. You may customize the message, but DO NOT DELETE the {$Schedule link} verbiage. This link is a shortcut and takes the student directly to your available appointments calendar. When a student clicks on the link they can easily review your available appointments and choose when they want to meet with you.

Nudges are a way to remind the students to make an appointment with you. A nudge is only sent to students who have not made an appointment with you.  Any student who has already made an appointment will not receive a nudge. Multiple Nudges can be scheduled throughout the campaign. Schedule you first nudge 24 hours after your Welcome letter goes out to alert the student via text to check their email. Follow up texts can be sent to remind the student they still need to schedule their appointment with you.

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 9

Add Nudge:

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 10

Verify and Start: Review the information and click Start Campaign as the final step

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 11

The flexibility of the Appointment Campaigns is that they can be edited to add additional students, change the end date, or add additional Nudges.

Once you have sent your Appointment Campaign, You will see the statistic page for your Appt. Campaign.

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 12

Accessing your Appointment Campaigns

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 13

A list of your Appointment Campaigns will appear, you can see # of recipients, how many appointments have been scheduled, Appointments attended, and summaries created detailed in percentages.

Note: it defaults to having the View only my campaigns checked off.

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 14

What do the students see? On the student’s homepage the appointment campaign will send the student a message to make an appointment with you

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 15

When they click on the link – the staff members calendar will appear and students can chose a date and time that is convenient to them.

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 16

Once the student picks a date and time, they will see a summary of the appointment and the student can add additional comments. Note: Email and text reminder is checked off (if you set reminders when you set up the original appointment campaign)

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 17

Final message to student:

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 18

What is seen on the Advisor’s Navigate homepage? Click on the Appointment Tab to see the appt.

Setting Up an Appointment Campaign 19

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